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August 2017: Natalia F.


I can't express how much I LOVE this place!! Great energy and even better instructors!! They push you to your limit if not beyond which I appreciate so much! You leave drenched in sweat after each class. Whether you're having a stressful or wonderful day, a pair of gloves and a punching bag is never a bad idea!


August 2017: Anthony D.


I joined Krav Maga Force after 8 years in the Marine Corps. I have had the opportunity to study under the Marine Corps Martial Arts system and the US Army Combatives program. I studied Muay Thai and western boxing at civilian schools and studied Krav Maga at 2 different schools before Krav Maga Force.


August 2017: Rodger B.


First, I have no experience in martial arts or in any fighting style. Although I am active duty military (support staff) I really never learned how to fight. After joining Krav Maga Force, I feel way more confident if I have to defend myself on the streets of Chicago. Everyone made me feel really comfortable from the first day at the school. The instructors are top notch and great to train with. The other students are always positive and fun to hit :o), I get a great workout every time and enjoy the stress relief that comes with striking. Highly recommend joining or at least trying it out!!!


July 2017: Sandra C.


Not only is the best form of fitness training I've ever had, but learning self defense is a huge bonus! Tony and his Team make these classes interactive, fun and empowering!! Huge variety of classes for all levels.


July 2017: Imran H.


I have no background in any martial art but decided to finally do something and figured if krav is good enough for the SAS and IDF it would do me just fine.

As well as learning self defence I am now in the best shape of my life, I have lost 20lbs without going on a diet.

Instructors are great and really help push you. When I am confused on a technique (which for me is more often then not) they are happy to slow it down and help drill it till you get it.

If you are reading this you are already interested and I would recommend you just come by for a free class.



May 2017: Joe K.


What truly makes Krav Manga Force exceptional is the way the instructors try to learn your name and how friendly everyone is. Finally, a no pressure place to learn something new, have fun, and get a good workout!
Classes are energetic, and there are people of all levels of experience and body types working together. I've been out of shape my entire life but didn't feel intimidated or embarrassed having to take a breather. The teachers are legit, experienced, and actually good at teaching. And while I like hitting things myself, there is a wide variety of self-defense styled classes like Combat Judo, Intro to Ground (no gi BJJ), and Defence Lab to round out your martial arts repertoire.
As for the particulars, Madison Street regularly has metered parking spaces open. At worst I've had to drive around for a few minutes or park a few blocks away. No showers yet, but there is a private bathroom for changing, and there are lockers for your street clothes. Imagine a typical classic boxing gym but a little cleaner. And no, you're not locked into outrageous year-long contracts.
Lastly, I've lost 30lbs and 4 inches off my waist since I started. This is without starving myself or having to dread working out (like going on a boring run). I should have tried out Krav Maga Force sooner.


April 2017: Giselle R.:

Empowered is how I feel after every session at Krav Maga Force! I came to learn self-defense but have found found so much more. I am developing the awareness, confidence, and skills to protect myself in threatening situations. When I am traveling, out late, or otherwise in potentially compromising situations, I run the drills in mind in case I might have to employ them. My instructor is excellent and the community of other participants is supportive, fun and gives you a great workou!

March 2017: Elizabeth F. :

Excellent staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place!!

March 2017: Chelsea B.:

If you want to get fit, both mentally and physically, this is the place to go. The classes vary perfectly. If you want a heavy workout there's options for that. If you want to get better at your technique there's options for that too. If you want yoga, that's there too. I personally can't stick to a gym membership where I go and hop on a treadmill or lift weights. I need to be having fun to be able to stick to it. And these classes are a blast. 

February 2017: Amber M:

I took intro classes at a bunch of other places and this gym is by far the best. The instructors are well trained, professional, and treat women as equals in the class and with great respect. The classes are also much harder (yet still appropriate for beginners) while also being more practical. I've learned real world techniques in a very short time. The people who attend the class are also very diverse, kind, respectful, and down to earth. I have yet to encounter egotistical misogynistic guys that fill classes at other places. Great workout, fun, and huge confidence builder.

February 2017: Eric P.:

First time trying Krav Maga, very nice experience. My company had a team outing at Krav Maga Force yesterday, yay bonding!
We had a private lesson with Tony the owner. With a room full of beginners, he made us feel very comfortable and most people had an understanding of the basics by the end of the hour.
If you have any interest in the martial art, it's worth a try. Instructors are police officers and they know their craft.

February 2017: Carris A. :

GREAT instructors. Positive atmosphere with the right amount of competitive energy. Learn how to handle yourself in any situation! As a woman this is extremely important. Not only are you learning a skill, you are receiving a great workout with fun people.

February 2017: Kent F.:

If you are looking for a great school to train at, then Krav Maga Force is the place. Tony and all of the other instructors are welcoming, extremely knowledgeable, and encouraging. You will get an incredible workout while also meeting wonderful people.

February 2017: Ellissa L.:

Krav Maga Force is an elite training school. Tony (the owner) and his team of instructors are knowledgeable and make everyone feel welcome. The students at the school are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone is open to teaching, learning, and growing together. Krav Maga Force is a place where you come in a stranger and leave as family.

December 2016: Michal K.:

Love the educated, yet down to earth classes! They will definitely kick your a$$ but leave you feeling strong and always with new material to work on.

November 2016: Dan D.:

I'm a Krav Maga instructor from Michigan. Whenever I come to Chicago, I make it a point to come train here. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and it has a great atmosphere. The classes are accommodating for all skill levels. If you are looking for a quality Krav Maga school, this is it.

November 2016: Chris J.:

The community at KMF is what really separates it from other martial arts gym. Everyone from the instructors to the students are very cool and helpful. There are no egos like some other schools I have trained and everyone is super friendly. There is a really cool group fighting / jiu jitsu class 2X a week that is probably my favorite class taught by Ben. He's a great teacher, ears and all. If you check it out you will know what I mean.

October 2016: Travis T:

I visited the studio for the free trail class and have to say I'm very impressed. The staff and studio were great and even though I was pushed to my limits and on the brink of passing out (I wasn't ready for the physical activities) the other members and staff were extremely helpful and welcoming. Next time I'll make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and do some stretches before arriving. For a program that will not only get you in shape, test your mental/physical limits and equip you with a skill set to make you a force to be reckoned with for any offender I was expecting it to cost much more. I would recommend Krav Maga Force to anyone interested in the martial arts!

September 2016: Brenna F.

Krav Maga Force is a great gym! Not only will you gain physical strength and stamina, but you'll gain mental strength, too! The members and instructors are all so welcoming and nice; it's a wonderful atmosphere to train at. After a few months of the women's workshops I joined the gym and it was a great choice. If you're considering Krav Maga Force, come in for a class. You won't regret it!

August 2016: Benjamin B.:

Amazing self defense classes that will push you to get in shape. Instructors that know what they are doing and will have you breathing heavy, but loving every minute of it.

Join us, I promise you wont be disappointed!

June 2016: Shannon T.

The women's self defense workshops are awesome. They really prioritize conditioning, so be prepared to move and work for 90 minutes straight. There is plenty of instruction, but no sitting around and watching (which is awesome- you get your money's worth).
The training is very practical. You learn how to fight effectively by performing drills that mimic real-world threats.
The instructors are usually cops and former military members. They give helpful feedback and are very attentive and motivating.

April 2016: Priscilla A.

For years I've secretly wanted to try Krav Maga. Maybe I kept it low key because I didn't want to appear so aggressive? I dunno what my reasoning to keep it under wraps was, but I'm so glad I tried Krav Maga here at Krav Maga Force!
I tried KMF because my colleague comes here ALL DA TIME! When he first told me he was going to start Krav Maga, I was super jealous. After a few months of him trying to convince me to go with him to check it out, I finally did around in June of 2015. KMF let's you try out a class for free, so this was my chance!

Tony taught the class I tried out. He totally kicked my ass (almost literally). The cardio portion was killer, but the combatives they teach you are rough. I had good inspiration to want to punch and kick and beat someone's ass because at that time my boyfriend had just broken up with me :p

As much as I wanted to continue taking a few classes here and there, money was super tight, plus I had so much on my plate after that. But Tony didn't forget about me.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I finally signed up to take one of the Women's Workshops. The course was anti-kidnapping. What a FANTASTIC class! Again, Tony taught the course and what great techniques he showed us. Everyone here are genuine people, they WANT you to protect yourself and are super passionate to pass along their knowledge. Sure you get a little rough, but it wouldn't be true self defense without getting roughed up.

KMF is really cool. Really knowledgeable, caring, top notch people!
For all my ladies out there, this is THE place to learn self defense techniques. I couldn't recommend this place more.

I would recommend KMF to anyone. Come in, be ready to work hard, and learn a potentially life-saving skill. I'm so excited for my future in Krav Maga. Walking through those doors was one of the best decisions of my life!

March 2016: Paige P.

Having never taken any form of martial arts or self-defense before, I was very apprehensive of starting Krav Maga. However, after my trial class I was hooked. The instructors and students make this particular gym special. Never have I been surrounded by such supportive and challenging peers. Tony has put together something truly special.

I did not start Krav Maga as a means to stay in shape, but after two weeks at KMF I discontinued my gym membership at LA Fitness. I was getting more exercise and having WAY more fun at KMF. Two and a half months in, I've noticed a significant difference in my strength, stamina, even my mood. Hitting pads for an hour is liberating! Not to mention you're learning a very effective and practical form of self-defense.

I would recommend KMF to anyone. Come in, be ready to work hard, and learn a potentially life-saving skill. I'm so excited for my future in Krav Maga. Walking through those doors was one of the best decisions of my life!

January 2016: Jordan G.

I had been looking to start Krav Maga classes, a friend recommended Krav Maga Force. Let me begin by saying when I called to get class information Jennifer was polite, courteous, professional and took all the time I needed to answer all my questions. When I arrived at the school I felt welcome and was brought into the community immediately. Tony not only taught an amazing class but I could see and feel how passionate he is about teaching us how to protect ourselves. This is truly a solid school that as a plus teaches D)efence i(N A)ttack. If you are looking to learn real world self defense and wish to get into shape look no further than Krav Maga Force!

January 2016: Sam R.:

Let me start by saying I have lost more than 30lbs since I've joined and I'm more toned then ever before. They teach you how to explode with aggression you didn’t know you had. You will learn proper techniques on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from ANY violent attacker or attackers and if you mess up, mess up violently. Combatives win fights. The instructors know you by name and everyone encourages you when or if you need it. They continue to make me a better protector for my family and myself by attending these classes. I recommend this to everyone, whether you wanting to lose weight, gain endurance, build muscle, build strength, have better conditioning or just want to add another notch under your belt. They are also the only school in the state teaching Defense Lab DNA fight science a brand new self-defense style of fighting that is ahead of its time. Also remember to ask for the animal workout routine. You can thank me in class. See you then. Thanks, Sam

December 2015: Efren A.

Krav Maga Force has changed my life. The instructors are patient, yet hardcore. The camaraderie among everyone is felt from the day you start.

September 30, 2015: Jeremy R.

If you want reality based self defense and combative training, with one hell of a workout, then this place is perfect for you. The staff pushes you to learn more and reach your potential, but are encouraging and approachable. Can't say enough good things about this school.

September 11, 2015: Zach F.

This is the absolute BEST place to learn the BEST forms of self defense. I've trained/dabbled in a few different martial arts but this is where I am going to stay, because for me, I want a system that provides me with discipline, fitness, and real life practicality. As others have mentioned, the instructors are not only extremely well versed in Krav Maga, DNA, etc, but also share a wealth of street knowledge and real life combative wisdom from their many years as police officers. This completes the package and will set you at ease knowing that you will be the most prepared for anything. By the way, you will also be in the best shape of your life! Finally, if you have any apprehension about the environment, it couldn't be more comfortable and 'new-comer' friendly. Even if you are out of shape and know nothing about martial arts, they will take you from wherever you are, and I guarantee you will be surprised at how quickly you feel stronger, more confident, and twice as prepared as you were yesterday.

September 10, 2015: Bruce R.

Have trained at a few krav gyms, and KMF is the best! Great staff and community of students all helping each other learn, train, and stay safe! Definitely worth checking out.

July 27, 2015: Juan G.

Loved this place. Was in town visiting my sister and went with her to check it out. She was looking to get back into shape after having a kid but was also looking for a place that taught self-defense techniques. It was a full class but the instructor made us feel like she was giving us a private session. She started everyone out with a challenging interval circuit but at no time did we feel rushed. The second half of the class focused on techniques and combination drills, and she went around the room giving everyone feedback, tips, and encouragement. The place also had a community feel to it, which I don't think is that common. Throughout and at the end of the class, the other students were quick to introduce themselves and were very welcoming. It was great. My sister decided to join and I would've if I lived in Chicago. Highly recommend!

July 2015, Terry V:

Here you learn how to fight unlike other Krav Maga places where they teach you how to dance. Great atmosphere, not intimidating at all and great teachers.

February 2015: Brady S.

A couple months ago I decided to try out Krav Maga. I had never taken martial arts classes of any sort before, so to be honest, I was a little mix of nervous,excited, apprehensive, and ready. Immediately, I noted that everyone (instructors and students) were all very friendly and supportive. It's very much an environment that fosters a camaraderie similar to that of a team. The classes are intense, but doable. So far, I've dropped 10 lbs and I simply 'feel' better.

I also highly recommend Krav Maga Force to anyone that is looking to gain self-defense skills while simultaneously getting/staying physically fit.

February 3, 2015: Christina K.

This place is incredible. The instructors know their stuff, and are really helpful, no matter what level you start at. I started going here with no martial arts experience of any kind, and they have helped me develop

November 2014: Mark C.

Great instructors and great classmates. The self defense techniques taught are understandable and effective. You get a great, intense work out at the same time - I've dropped 15 pounds so far and have kept it off. I look forward to training here for a long time to come. I highly recommend Krav Maga Force to anyone looking to learn effective self defense techniques, while at the same time getting the added benefit of improved strength and conditioning.

June 22, 2014: Keith M.

Not only an excellent place to train but being trained by great instructors that lead tough, but doable, classes is pretty cool. Tony and his crew have a great thing going on at KMF Chicago, I'd recommend this school to anyone who'll listen.


 July 25, 2014: Jonathan L.

People say invest in your health; you should. You often will get a gym membership, go a few times a week, some stick with it, some don't; you have to deal with the people hogging the weights or the rush hour crowd that makes for a miserable experience. Thinking that is the only way to get healthy is a mistake. Joining Krav Maga force was the BEST choice I've made in years when it came to my health. When I started in May, I had a bit of a gut. Almost three months later, my stomach is almost flat, I am the strongest I have ever been, and the skills I learn to defend myself if I am ever in a bad situation has increased my confidence like never before. The classes are amazing! They are tough; this is no cake walk. However, the positivity and intense atmosphere pushes you to do better. You will get hooked!

July 7, 2014: Vincent I.

I have trained at several Kraavv Maga schools around the world and the training at Krav Maga Force is the real deal. It is intense and the instructors are hard core. Focus is on defending yourself in the real world and not just in class. It will build your confidence, awareness, and mindset. This school kicks my butt!

June 11, 2014: Brandon C.

After getting into high pressure technology sales post college, I began to let the pounds add up. I decided it was time for a change and spotted a flyer for Krav Maga Force while getting my haircut at the Family Barbershop. I read more about Tony Cianflone (owner) and the gym, and saw nothing but positive remarks. I contacted Tony and he immediately got back to me offering a trial class. With very little martial arts experience, this was way out of my comfort zone but Tony couldn't have been more welcoming about the whole experience. Since starting with Tony in early February, I have lost 18 lbs (from 193 lbs to 175). I feel lean, agile and light on my feet. The classes usually consist of 10-20 minutes of high intensity conditioning, which will leave you in a pool of sweat. The next 40-50 minutes involve fundamentals, combatives, and technique. Tony does a great job mixing things up so you never know what to expect for each class! Krav Maga Force will get you in the best shape of your life and will give you the confidence and skill set you need to protect yourself. I highly recommend Tony and the rest of the staff!

June 10, 2014: Jason V

Krav Maga Force is an extremely rigorous program that gives each of its students quality instruction and individualized attention. I am looking forward to continuing to train at your school!

 June 5, 2014: Sam K.

After training at Krav Maga Force for about 2 weeks now, I can say with all certainty that this is the place to learn self-defense. Unlike most krav maga schools in the Chicago area, KMF takes krav maga seriously and not only emphasizes the fighting element, but also the importance of developing the mindset and intensity that it would take to fight for your life and survive. Plus, who better to learn self-defense from than law enforcement officers! Can't wait to start the Carry and Conceal Tactics class tomorrow

 June 1, 2014: Pearl H.

 I am addicted to this place! I get a great whole body work out, and learn practical skills of self-defense. Friendly, supportive people and top notch instructors who genuinely care about my success. Hard core warm-up and realistic multiple- attacker scenario at the end of the class where we put the techniques into practice. I take advantage of Unlimited Monthly membership and participate in as many classes I can. KMF also offers fit class, combatives, combat judo and combat wing chun. I never felt stronger and more athletic. Not bad for a 40+ yr old broad.

May 31, 2014: Dan L.:

Came here on a whim and couldn't be more impressed. I've done karate, boxing, wrestling, etc. and there's nothing as useful or as engaging as Krav Maga the way Tony runs it. Been going to KMF for around 5 months now and it's my favorite workout in the city.

March 2014: Christian P.:

Tony is top notch and one of the only places in IL that offers true Krav Maga training. Very personable and friendly.

December 26, 2013: Eddie C.

Tony Cianflone's Krav Maga classes, technique wise, may seem to simulate other Krav classes but the journey is what sets him apart. The mind set and mental preparedness he, that he releases in you is like no other. This not your average martial arts class, this is self defense.


June 13, 2013 by: Dana H. (age 39)


I met Tony through a demonstration class he gave at the personal training studio where I had been working out with a private trainer for two years.  Tony’s class made me realize that I was ready for a change to my workout regimen that would help me achieve a higher fitness level and gain self-defense skills. 


Tony’s is a skillful, organized and patient instructor.   He started off with basic moves, then continually advanced to new moves and combinations.   In each session, he provides examples of how we would use the moves and react to situations in real life.  Tony’s warm-ups and drills have improved my overall conditioning, as well.  


As a woman that lives and work in the city, I feel that the skills and awareness I’ve gained as a result of Tony’s training will help me avoid or get out of a dangerous situation.   Lastly, the workouts are fun – punching and kicking is an excellent stress relief!


July 06, 2012  Steve W. 


My wife had been begging me for years to take a self-defense class with her, but I always laughed it off and told her that I didn't need to take self-defense.  I am a man after all and I always thought that if something did happen, I would easily be able protect myself and my wife, but I will admit that I was completely wrong! Since my wife was determined to take classes with me, she surprised me and purchased a couple class packages from Tactical Fighting Systems after she saw their sign in a window and checked out their website. Of course since she already paid for the classes, I was stuck. After the first class though, I was thanking her for making me go. Our first class was with Tony, and I learned quickly that just because I am a larger man does not mean that I know how to fight; in fact, I didn't even know the right way to throw a punch. My punches had absolutely no power behind them and because I am so stiff and awkward, I also had a hard time delivering a series of strikes quickly and accurately. An attacker would have no problem getting the better of me. My wife had better form than I did and believe me that did not make me feel very good about myself. I was determined to improve so that I could win a fight if I was ever attacked.

We have been going to class now for a couple of months, and with the help of  Tony, not only is my wife ready to kick some butt, but I have learned so much and I know that if something did happen, I would be ready. I have learned to loosen up and to generate power in both my strikes and kicks. I think I still have a lot to learn though, so the training will continue. I recommend Tactical Fighting Systems for everyone. Don't let your ego get in the way of your safety.


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