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Force Training (LEO) is a reality based defensive tactics program created for and open to law enforcement and military officers only. Training will focus on providing officers with the tools necessary to better recognize dangerous situations immediately, stop them before they escalate, and take control as quickly as possible, while maintaining officer safety throughout the interaction. Officers will learn a variety of simple combatives, tactics, and techniques that are based on natural and instinctive movement and that are defensible applications of reasonable force, allowing officers to defend themselves while staying within their department’s use of force guidelines.


During training, officers will be put through a variety of conditioning, exhaustion, and stress drills that will simulate realistic citizen encounters ranging from passive resistors to high risk and life threatening assailants. The drills are designed to help officers better develop their muscle memory, learning to react immediately and instinctively to any situation, while using the appropriate level of force. The drills will also improve the officers’ emotional and physical response to danger and train them to remain calm and rational throughout dangerous and deadly situations. 


Some of the topics that will be covered during Force Training are: combatives, self-defense, weapons retention, defenses against handgun and long gun threats, defenses against edged and blunt weapon threats and attacks, utilizing impact weapons, ground fighting, and arrest and control tactics.


NOTE: All participants must have the following equipment: Proof of employment, mouth guard, groin protection, cargo pants, duty belt/pancake holster, and training gun.



Participants are required to have a new pair of gym shoes that will be worn only during training sessions. Shoes should have a relatively flat, smooth bottom and should not have cleats or other rough surfaces that could cause damage to the training mats. NO street shoes will be allowed on the training mats. NO exceptions!





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