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Krav Maga Boot Camps are intense and dynamic training programs designed to focus on specific theories, combatives, and techniques utilized in krav maga and to increase proficiency in those skills, while also providing trainees with a full body cardio, strength, and conditioning workout that will get them in combat ready shape. During training sessions, participants will learn to efficiently and effectively defend themselves against a variety of realistic and violent street attacks. Krav Maga Boot Camps were created to develop students into efficient fighting machines that can defend themselves against violent attackers of every shape, size, and gender. Trainees will learn the necessary skills to overcome attackers, while also learning how to better function under stress, shock, and adrenaline rushes associated with sudden, violent encounters. As the weeks progress, trainees will notice that the combatives, tactics, and techniques learned in class will become more natural and instinctive as they build muscle memory, self-confidence, physical strength, and mindset.


All students are required to take the basic combatives bootcamp before or in conjunction with our other bootcamp programs.



Basic Combatives: Learn and master the fundamental combatives utilized in krav maga, including palm heels, punches, knee strikes, elbows, and basic kicks.


Combatives: Learn and master advanced punches, kicks, knee strikes, and other combatives not covered in the basic combatives boot camp.


Self-Defense Techniques: Learn to escape from and defend against a variety of chokes, headlocks, grabs, and bearhugs.


Ground Fighting: Learn how to fight off an attacker from the ground in a variety of situations and to regain your footing quickly and efficiently while maintaining control of the situation, as well as to develop better leverage and to deliver powerful combatives while fighting off the ground.


Drills: An opportunity for participants to use their self-defense training in a variety of reality-based exhaustion, stress, and aggression drills. 


Multiple Attackers: Learn how to successfully defend yourself against and to effectively fight off multiple attackers.


Weapons: Learn how to successfully defend against an attacker armed with weapons, such as knives, guns, and blunt objects.


NOTE: All students are required to have a mouth guard and groin protection. Optional equipment: hand wraps and mma style gloves. 


Participants are required to have a new pair of gym shoes that will be worn only during training sessions. Shoes should have a relatively flat, smooth bottom and should not have cleats or other rough surfaces that could cause damage to the training mats. NO street shoes will be allowed on the training mats. NO exceptions!

































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