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Benefits Of Krav Maga Fitness

⋅ Improved Focus and Concentration

⋅ Reduced Stress

⋅ Increased Confidence and Energy

⋅ A Boost in Your Metabolism⋅

⋅ Well-Defined Biceps and Triceps

⋅ ⋅Lean, Muscular Glutes and Thighs

⋅ A Sculpted Back and Chest

⋅ Weight loss

⋅ Increased stamina and endurance

StrikeFit:  StrikeFit is a kickboxing heavy bag workout that involves proper striking to a heavy bag, focus mitts, and thai pads and is supplemented with strength training, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and mobility work. Not only will you learn real striking and real striking combos, but you will burn lots of calories, get in shape, and have fun doing it. 

Force Fit:  Force Fit is a challenging, full body workout, consisting of interval training, as well a variety of athletic, cardio and conditioning drills designed to help you burn calories, build lean muscle mass, strengthen your core, and lose weight. Since the workouts change regularly, Force Fit will keep you physically challenged and will provide you with maximum results, by avoiding the dreaded weight loss plateau. If you’re tired of the same outdated group exercise classes at your health club or are no longer seeing results after spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical, try Force Fit today.   


Fight Fit:  Fight Fit is a high intensity, total body workout that utilizes the training techniques common to Mixed Martial Arts training, including pad and heavy bag work. In Fight Fit you will learn to punch, kick, and throw striking combinations like the pros while burning massive amounts of calories, developing muscular strength/tone, building core strength, and improving your flexibility. Fight Fit is designed for anyone, regardless of skill or conditioning level, that has a desire to push themselves to a higher level of fitness, while doing it in a safe and controlled environment.



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