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Carry and Conceal Tactics is a self-defense course specifically designed for citizens that can legally carry a concealed handgun, with an emphasis on defensive tactics, combatives, gun retention and disarms. As with any new skill, learning to defend yourself and becoming comfortable using and protecting your handgun takes time and practice. C and C Tactics will help you develop these skills, while making them instinctual and second nature.

This course will provide students with training in both armed and unarmed self-defense tactics and techniques, while standing or from the ground and will reinforce when it is appropriate to use deadly force against an attacker. During the C and C Tactics Course students will also be put through a variety of psychological and stress drills and scenarios that will simulate realistic violent encounters and attacks. The drills will allow students to actually use the skills that they have learned in each training session while dealing with added stress and fatigue. Students will also have opportunities to participate in range days, in which students will travel to an outdoor range to sharpen their shooting skills, while dealing with added stress and fatigue. Range days will combine self-defense training and shooting in one day to give students a better understanding of how they would react in a real life violent attack situation.     


• All classes are taught by experienced and certified law enforcement officers and former military personnel.


• 2 or 3 law enforcement officers will be present for each class.


• Classes will be held every week and will be 1.5 hours in duration.


• Classes will be limited to 20 students per session. Students must register prior to each class.


• Since training and repetition is the key to building muscle memory and mastering new skills, it is recommended that students commit to attending class regularly. Self-defense and the right to carry are serious responsibilities and adequate training is necssary to ensure that you can function efficiently in real life situations.


• 10 (1.5 hours) sessions will be available for $350.00 


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