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What is an Amygdala Hijack?

Have you ever been in a heated argument, confronted or even attacked? If so, you may have experienced an amygdala hijack where you feel a dump of adrenaline, completely out of control, hands shaking, heart racing, and like your mind won’t even think! During this unconscious and instinctive process, higher reasoning skills become diminished and we feel the urge to fight, flight, or freeze.

This experience can make an already scary situation all the more terrifying. Luckily at Krav Maga Force the instructors not only train your body to be ready to defend itself, but they also help you sculpt a stronger mindset. Through stress drills in a safe environment you learn the skills to get ahold of your mind and that hijacking of your stress glands so you may breathe and fight through a dangerous scenario and defend yourself.

If you are interested in learning to calm your mind during conflict and learn how to defend yourself in a world where violence has become the norm, then feel free to contact us for more information at Krav Maga Force at or 773-305-7657 to schedule a free trial lesson.

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