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Self Defense Training

With violent crime on the rise in and around the city, it is more important than ever to take your safety seriously, learn how to defend yourself, and develop the mindset to fight off an attacker and to survive a violent attack by any means necessary. Unfortunately, many schools around the city that offer self-defense seem to have forgotten to focus on teaching their students how to actually defend themselves and survive and have, instead, made it their mission to have a fun cardio class with a couple of half hearted self-defense techniques thrown in for good measure. Sure, these schools teach you strikes, kicks, and a variety of other combatives, but they would rather play games, than focus on the real reason people seek out self-defense. People that choose to attend a self-defense school are concerned about their safety and although getting a great workout may be a secondary motive, they are in class to learn how to defend themselves against violence and danger. They want to survive and make it home to their families alive, not become another sad statistic. 



If a self-defense school wants to take training to the next level and take its students outside and offer realistic training situations, that's great; however, they should focus on training in alleys, stairwells, and on city streets, not on the beach on a warm spring or summer morning. Although it may be fun splashing around in the lake, most outdoor violent attacks occur on cement or gravel. An attacker will throw its victim down in an alley or on cement stairs covered in broken glass, nails, and rocks, not on a soft bed of sand. Violent attacks are not fun, they are terrifying situations. People also have to understand that in today's world, many attackers are more ruthless and violent than ever. Many carry knives and guns and will use them even if their victim cooperates and does not put up a fight. It is naive to believe that you can't become the victim of an armed attack. Even if you are anti-gun and do not wish to own or carry a weapon, learning how to defend against a weapon will only make your chances of survival that much higher. Why not give yourself as many tools as possible to survive.


Remember, getting attacked is not a FUN experience. In my 24 years of law enforcement, not one victim that survived a violent attack ever told me that the experience was fun or that they hoped to go through it again. Violent crime victims go through feelings of panic and terror, and experience fear of death; their thoughts are on survival. Their lives flashed before their eyes. They did not sit there with a smile on their face while they were being beaten or raped and think of what a great story their attack would make at a party. Violence causes long term psychological and physical effects in its victims. They develop panic disorders, fear of unknown people and situations, and a variety of other issues. With that in mind, self-defense training should effectively prepare students for these terrifying situations that they face in their lives everyday, should develop aggression and intensity, and should create a survivor mentality in its students. It is the school's responsibility to not only teach its students physical combatives and techniques, but also mental strength and mindset. Physical ability alone is ineffective without the proper mindset. In order to survive, you have to be willing to do harm to your attacker. That is something that people have to learn, since we are taught from birth to respect life and not harm it. When you are facing serious injury or death though, you have to move past your natural instincts and be willing to do whatever it takes to go home. 


When choosing a self-defense school, make sure that the instructors are experienced and understand what it actually takes to survive and that their focus is on preparing you for real life dangers, not on playing games. Training should be taken seriously, and of course, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for its students, because students are getting stronger, faster, and accomplishing their goals, not because they can toss a pad farther than the next person. The purpose of self-defense is survival. 



If you are ready to learn how to defend yourself, come into Krav Maga Force today and try out a class. Krav Maga Force offers krav maga training that has been battle tested on the streets of Chicago and overseas by its experienced instructors, many of whom are experienced law enforcement officers. Our instructors will not only teach you the physical combatives and techniques of krav maga, but also an insight into the real dangers that people face today. We will teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker, both physically and mentally.


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