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Krav Maga Force is excited to announce that it is teaming up with DAVAD Civilian Defense to further provide citizens with the tools that they need to effectively defend themselves against the violence and real threats of danger that they face in life every day.  


DAVAD Civilian Defense is a Chicago based company that focuses on a holistic approach to firearms training and education, as well as home safety for the private citizen and their family. All of DAVAD's experienced instructors are current law enforcment professionals and tactical trainers that provide classes in Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing and handgun training, as well as much more. They believe that gun ownership is a privilege and a responsibility and they have made it their mission to prepare students for this responsibility by providing them with physical and mechanical skills training, discussions on the psychological responses of the human body under stress, and the rule of laws regarding self-defense. 


Along with Krav Maga Force, DAVAD Civilian Defense believes that it is essential for citizens to take an active role in their personal protection and safety and to learn how to defend themselves in the real world, against real violence, by training in and becoming proficient in defensive tactics, techniques, and combatives, as well as in developing the proper mindset to survive by whatever means necessary. Self-defense, whether armed or unarmed is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly and cannot be learned in one class or seminar. It takes serious training and dedication and it is an important means of ensuring that you return home to your families and friends safely each night. With proper and consistent training, your chance of survival increases greatly and Krav Maga Force and DAVAD Civilian Defense will work together to provide you with such training. 



As part of the new alliance with DAVAD Civilian Defense, Krav Maga Force will soon be offering:

• 80 course consisting of bi-monthly classes, each class being 2 hours in duration


• Focus of course will be on defensive tactics, combatives, gun retention and disarms.


• Will provide students with training in both armed and unarmed self-defense tactics and techniques, as well as run them through a variety of psychological and stress drills that will simulate realistic violent encounters and attacks. The drills will allow students to actually use the skills that they have learned in each training session while dealing with added stress and fatigue.


• All classes taught by experienced and certified law enforcement officers and former military personnel.


• 2 or 3 law enforcement officers will be present for each class.


• Classes will be limited to 20 students per session.


• In order to attend the Gun retention and disarms classes, students will have to have attended or are currwntly attending a Carry Conceal License Course.    


More information will be available soon.


To learn more about DAVAD Civilian Defense, check out their website at




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Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 6:45 AM
I am using the kmfchicago blog and sharing about teaming up and civilian defense and developing the college papers with us. The mission for responsibility and mechanical defense and great techniques.