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There is Hope: Fight Back!

Although you may find it hard to believe that it’s possible to fight off an attacker that is physically larger and stronger than you, with the right mind set and determination, you can win. Earlier this year, a woman in her mid 30s was walking down a tree lined street in River Forest, when she suddenly found herself the victim of a surprise, violent attack. A registered sex offender that was driving around the neighborhood looking for prey, jumped out of his vehicle and viciously grabbed the woman by her arms and body and threw her head first into his waiting car. Once inside the vehicle, the victim found herself in survival mode and without thinking, she let her instincts take over and began repeatedly biting and hitting her attacker and shutting off the vehicle’s ignition until she was able to make her escape. Even though the sexual predator was twice the weight and size of the woman, she didn’t give up. She fought back and won!  During an interview describing the attack and the actions that lead to her escape, the woman said, “Save yourself. The message is that you are responsible for your own safety. Rather than thinking someone’s going to come and save you, you’ve got to save yourself. You fight until the end.”

If this woman could fight off a violent sex offender twice her size and escape from the vicious attack that he had planned for her, you can too. Even if you don’t have the natural self confidence and survial instincts of this woman, it’s never too late to learn. With the right training, anything is possible. Just remember, SAVE YOURSELF AND FIGHT BACK!


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