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News Stories that Everyone Should Read (Original post 5/2/2012)

As violent crime continues to rise in and around Chicago and with summer fast approaching, it is more crucial than ever to be prepared and to learn how to protect and defend yourself against the numerous dangers that you potentially face everyday. Whether you are walking alone, riding the bus or the train, or merely enjoying a nice dinner at the outdoor cafe of your favorite restaurant, you are a potential victim of one of the many violent predators that is patiently waiting to commit his or her next crime.

Here are a few of the recent crimes and crime patterns threatening your safety, as well as the safety of each and every citizen, living, working, or visiting Chicago.

-Cops warn of robberies on Near West side: Several victims, in the West Town neighborhood, have been approached, by unknown offenders, while walking or sitting in their cars and have been robbed of their personal property. The offender flashes a gun at the victim and then demands their belongings.

-UIC student knocked unconscious during robbery: A student was walking near the UIC campus when he was approached from behind by an unknown male, who immediately placed an object to the back of the victim's head and demanded his money. The student quickly handed over his wallet, but rather than fleeing with the money, the offender, instead, proceeded to strike the victim in the back of the head with the unknown object, knocking the victim unconscious. Police are still investigating and attempting to locate any witnesses.

-Cops nab 2 in Edgewater for i Phone robbery: Police were on patrol on the 1200 block of West Rosemont when they observed two men forcefully push another man to the ground. Once the man hit the ground, the younger of the two offenders began shouting, "grab his i Phone." The offenders then ripped the i Phone out of the victim's hand and fled the scene on foot; they were, however, apprehended almost immediately by police. Police were able to recover the victim's i Phone, as well as another i Phone that was taken during a previous robbery.

-Police issues alert warning about pickpockets Downtown: A pair of men have been working together and victimizing a number of CTA riders on the Red and Blue Line trains and platforms. There have been at least 17 incidents between April 4-20th and the majority of thefts have occurred at the State Street Subway station just south of Madison. One of the men distracts the victims by falling or pretending to stumble. As the victim attempts to help the man or move out of his way, the second man reaches into the victim's pockets and steals whatever property he finds. The victims are unaware that anything has been taken until the offenders are long gone. Another 9 incidents of thefts have also occurred on other CTA train lines.

-Police warn of ice pick robberies on West Side: In the Lawndale neighborhood, there have been at least two reported incidents of an unknown male, in his late teens, approaching victims and threatening them with an ice pick before taking their money and property (usually an i Phone). Both reported incidents occurred in the middle of the day.

-Cops: Man wanted for sexual abuse on Orange Line: A man boarded an Orange Line train at the Pulaski station, sat next to a female passenger, and began fondling her. He then exited the train at the next stop before the woman could alert CTA security. A photo of the man is available on CTA video surveillance.

-Man found shot to death in Bridgeport alley: A 25-year old man was found dead in a Bridgeport alley, by police, early this morning with a gunshot wound to his head. No one is in custody at this time.

-"Flash Mob" robberies on Michigan Avenue and the Loop: Police are searching for a group of teenagers that committed several robberies at a  number of businesses on and near Michigan Ave in the evening of May 2nd. At one restaurant, video surveillance caught the teens placing pieces of paper over customers' belongings and then grabbing the items before management could chase them out. Some customers could be seen putting their cell phones, wallets, and other items away, knowing that they could be the next victims of the flash mob. At other locations, witnesses and victims stated that the teens would approach them and aggressively demand that they contribute money to some type of charity or basketball team sponsorship program, while another member of the group starts grabbing cell phones and takes off before the victim even knows what has happened. Many of the patrons felt frightened and intimidated by the teenage flash mobs.

Don't let yourself become the next victim. All it takes for a predator to gain the upper hand is one second of distraction on your part, so put your i Phones, cell phones, and i Pods away while you are walking, jogging, or riding the train. Start paying attention and focusing on your surroundings. Be aware of the people standing around you, plan an escape route if necessary, and know what you would do if you find yourself being approached by a potential attacker. Remember a violent criminal can be any age, race, or gender. Don't assume that you are safe because the person standing next to you looks harmless; you have no idea what they are thinking or what they are capable of doing. Take your safety and well-being seriously and learn how to defend yourself. No one else will do it for you.

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Gabriel Morisset
Sunday, Sep 30, 2018 3:53 AM
Gabriel Morisset
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