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More Violence on the CTA (Original post 5/19/2012)

If you feel safe riding the train, think again. Not only have robberies and other violent crime been on the rise recently, but  earlier this week, at around 11:15 P.M., a passenger on a northbound Red Line train was being robbed and pistol whipped by an unknown male offender that was attempting to steal the passenger's i Phone. The train was stopping at the Clark and Division station when a group of 4 guardian angels observed the robbery taking place and attempted to intervene. The offender saw the men approaching him and immediately exited the train and began running in an attempt to flee. At that point, a second male offender appeared, produced a knife and began attacking the four men. All four guardian angels sustained stab wounds to various parts of their bodies and the robbery victim sustained multiple injuries from being beaten with the handgun. Both offenders were able to flee the scene and police are still investigating the crime.

Now is the time to start taking your safety seriously! Even if you are not alone or another citizen is willing to help you during an attack, it is still essential to arm yourself with the tools necessary to  save your own life. The guardian angels and other good Samaritans have great intentions behind their actions and they may legitimately want to help, but that doesn't mean that they are actually capable of saving you from danger or bodily harm as the above news story proves. They may arrive too late or as in this latest robbery attempt, the offender may not be working alone and may have friends waiting to attack anyone else that attempts to interfere. You have to be ready and able to protect yourself. The world is becoming more violent all of the time and violent criminals are willing to do just about anything to be successful. Don't make it easy for them. Take ACTION!

Contact Tactical Fighting Systems today and learn reality based self-defense under our ACTION System from our experienced instructors. Now is the time. Don't wait until after you are a victim!