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About Us


As a Chicago Police Officer with 24 years of street experience, I have witnessed countless people fall victim to vicious and violent attacks as they went through their daily routines. These attacks can occur at any time, day or night, and can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, sex, or physical appearance. Predators are merely looking for their next victim to brutalize; they don’t discriminate. Whether you are jogging, walking your dog, or on your way to catch the bus or train for work, criminals are lying in wait for the next easy mark. Walking with your head down, texting, and listening to your iPod only makes the situation worse and in fact, increases the likelihood that you will be the next victim. Blending into your surroundings and acting helpless and timid won’t help either; violent criminals won’t feel sorry for you or ignore you; instead, they will target you and they’ll win. With the uncertain economic times, violent crime is on the rise, and the situation is only going to get worse. When the economy is weak, criminals become more desperate than ever and are willing to do just about anything to survive, even if that means committing heinous acts of violence against innocent people. Don’t be the next helpless victim!


By opening Krav Maga Force, my mission was to help average citizens break out of their shells and take control of their lives and their personal safety.  My staff and I will teach our students how to effectively defend themselves, using a variety of martial arts styles and techniques, against violent and vicious attacks. My system will also instill in our students the self-confidence and inner strength necessary to win the fight against any type of violent attacker. Physical power and strength alone are not enough; in fact, with the proper mindset and training, even the smallest woman could defend herself against a robber or rapist twice her size. Also, keep in mind that you can’t rely on your fellow man to help you out if you do find yourself in a dangerous situation; in most circumstances, people are not willing to risk their lives or safety to come to the aid of a stranger. Today, people are more likely to get their cell phones out and videotape a crime, rather than step in and help. If they do decide to help, their help will consist of a call to 911 and by the time the police arrive, it’ll likely be too late. With police manpower at an all-time low, you may be on your own for a while before they can reach you, so be prepared and learn how to defend yourself at Krav Maga Force.


The Krav Maga Force instructors bring to you over 50 years of law enforcement experience and over 80 years of martial arts training. We will work together to provide you with the knowledge and physical ability to help you fend off and survive any type of violent attack, whether it is in your home, on the street, or anywhere else. We are dedicated and committed to helping you survive and make it home alive in the uncertain and violent world of today. Take the first step to a better and safer life. Check out Krav Maga Force today!


Krav Maga Force is an affiliate of Krav Maga Alliance.




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